Friday, 16 January 2015

Hello! My story is ordinary and simple. My name is Irena. I want to tell you a story of how I became a call girl!

When I was 17 years old I studied to be a designer in the Institute.I will not hide, I'm a cute girl. I have a white hair, blue eyes, slim body...I lived in the hostel of the Institute. Once the guys broke into the room. I was afraid to object because the guys  were strong, tough and so wild...They with the girls began to drink, someone has already kissed and had sex...

One guy drank well, but all the girls were busy and he came to me and offered to have a sex. I refused, then I whole company offered a drink. So I drank well, and woke up in the morning, remembered nothing, but was naked, and next to that guy. I was drunk and he again asked me to have a pleasure, and I had already agreed. He told me that I was in bed just a wild cat and offered me a meeting, only relax. I had   agreed. He came to my hostel the next day, we all began, it was nice and cool. He left, leaving me money, he paid me for sex.
I already went the other guys and they all left money, sometimes several times visited. So, I became a vip-prostitute in Moscow. My salary increased to the limit I was recommended everywhere. I graduated, and my old friend offered to work "night butterfly". The salary was impressive. Of course I went...Since then I became very popular among customers. I caught a young men, who do not have wives, not perverts. May condemn me, but I like it.
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